Oh Say Can You See

Oh Say Can You See

“Oh Say Can You See” was a collaboration with Lena Waithe to build an immersive video instillation for the 29Rooms event series.

The experience consisted of a large 4 sided box that approximately 20 people could enter at a time. Moving images were rear projected with quadrophonic sound, detailing 4 distinct timelines.

The experience keys on an interview with James Baldwin, Whitney Houston’s performance of the National Anthem at the 1991 Super Bowl, and a collage of archival imagery depicting experiences of Black Americans from the Civil Rights movement through today.

Entering that space, and experiencing the story Lena set out to tell among cohorts of strangers is an apex creative experience for me. I feel extremely fortunate and grateful for this project.

This export of the video shows all 4 screens simultaneously:

Cherished collaborators on this project were Olivia Fagon, and Chroma Candy.