Studio • Creative Learning Platform

Studio • Creative Learning Platform

Studio is a project based learning platform, focusing on creative pursuits such as songwriting, making & DIY, and culinary.

Trailer for a class featuring Idina Menzel

The methodology:

• Work with foremost practitioners of a particular craft, such as Mark Rober, Idina Menzel & Claire Saffitz • Document their creative process • Encode the steps they take to go from Zero to Finish in a hybrid of video and product • Support a cohort of students to follow the steps • Celebrate students who exit with a shareable prototype and a newfound feeling of confidence

My role as VP & Head of Content has been to facilitate the curation, development and production of learning experiences.

Key collaborators have been the Co-Founders - Max Deutsh and Valentin Perez - Product & Engineering team leads, and the incredible content team that I’ve had the good fortune to lead.

Board Chair is Bernadette Aulestia

Investors include Ann Mirua-Ko of Floodgate, and Armaan Ali of Human Capital.